Administrating Your Personalized Email Accounts


Kingdom utilizes Yandex email services to facilitate your personalized email accounts.


In the upper right hand corner, click "Login"

In the log-in fields, enter the Username and Password provided to you in the email from Kingdom


You are now logged in as the main administrator for your email accounts.

You will be creating each individual inbox from this account (up to 1,000 inboxes).


Select "Add Mailbox"

Add the username (for example, "pastor," "finance," "info," etc)

Add a password for this new inbox (your user will be able to change this password when they log in to their account)

Confirm the password you have entered

Click "Add"


This inbox is ready for you to give to your user.


You have completed the creation of this inbox as the administrator.


Your user will visit to sign in to their individual account and access their own email by entering the complete email address as the username.